Everyone is aware of how addicted are the only slots in the modern world, but what about bingo? Many believe that playing bingo is not as attractive as playing video pokies, however, we do not share their opinion. In this article, we will write why bingo rooms are good alternatives to slots and why players prefer playing them when they are bored of other casino games.

Which is Better – Bingo or Slots?

This is a widespread question and we saw lots of people searching for answers. The problem with the query is that there isn’t any correct response. Everyone has a favourite casino game and everyone has sympathy for one of both categories. Though if we have to look at it deeper, here is what we think about it:

  • Bingo: Indeed, lots of people believe bingo is the best and we cannot argue much about that, however, it has pluses and minuses. For example, thanks to bingo, you can cheer yourself up a lot without losing money. Though if you want to make some bucks, it will be almost impossible for you to achieve it only by playing bingo rooms. Another advantage is the fact about the bonuses, and if you want to receive some, let us gets you the best bingo sites today.
  • Slots: Slots also have lots of positives and some negatives. This time, we will start with the disadvantages – you can lose lots of money and you can get easily get addicted to them. However, there are more benefits – you can play slots for free, you might win big amounts of cash and there are thousands of slot varieties.

Potential Winning and Payouts

If we look at the question from another angle, we will see that it is not just about the game. Both bingo and slots have positives and negatives and we already shared them. But what about the eventual winnings you can get and the payouts? Indeed, slots are winning the competition in every aspect. Thanks to the video pokies you can win larger amounts of cash and the payouts are extremely bigger.

There Are Many Free Bingo Games

One of the best sides to playing bingo as an alternative is the fact that there are free bingo rooms on almost every website. The dedicated bingo sites are full of gambling halls but there are some, which will give you the chance to purchase tickets for free or from as low as 1p. This is quite common in the UK and even players are expecting the sites to have such rooms.

Our Personal Opinion

If we need to write our honest opinion on this matter, we will conclude that bingo is really a good alternative to online slots but only if you are not playing video pokies for winning money. Bingo is not capable of bringing you lots of cash, just like slots can do.

However, there aren’t many people who are about to give up on the slots just to play bingo, blackjack or any other casino game. Players who are there for the winnings, not for the emotion will never stop playing slots. This is why we believe bingo is a good alternative for those of you, who just wish to change the scenery and p[lay something different with more emotion and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I stop playing online slots?

You shouldn’t stop playing slots, we are just writing about alternatives when you are bored with this lovely game.

Can I get free spins if I decide to continue playing slots?

If you decide to play slots, of course, you can get free spins no deposit and no wager and here is the list. There are also bonus spins as part of welcome packages and other promotions.

Where can I win easily – on bingo or slots?

Definitely, you can win more if you play slots. Bingo games are created more for fun and entertainment. It will be difficult for the players to earn lots of money on bingo.

Can bingo RTP match slots RTP rate?

No, it is not possible because the RTP of the various bingo games is around 85%, while for the majority of online slots, you can see an RTP of more than 90%.