A Casino is basically a location to gamble (Slot machines, video poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, etc), and a place to dine (pizza, hot dogs, burgers, etc). In Las Vegas, a Casino hotel is often referred to as a Hotel Casino. There are also Casino restaurants in Las Vegas. Some of these Casino restaurants are operated by the Hotel Casino, others by other resorts.

In the United States, Las Vegas is the most popular gambling destination. It is home to some of the worlds finest gaming venues and hosts thousands of visitors every month. To most gamblers visiting Las Vegas, a Casino is an unwelcome idea – they think that gambling should be done in their homes or on their own private property. However, in Las Vegas, the average Casino guest is pleasantly surprised to see the variety of gambling available in Las Vegas. And, most importantly, the majority of gamblers leave Las Vegas with more money in their pockets than when they arrived!

In Las Vegas, most casinos have opened new casinos under the umbrella of the “Resort Casino”. These new Casinos are designed to appeal to the tastes and preferences of the broadest range of guests. Most of these “Resort” casinos are chain hotels with in-house gaming facilities. The main attractions of these “Resort” casinos are the luxurious facilities and the easy-going atmosphere. One thing that sets these casinos apart from independent gaming establishments is the use of slot machines – which is a major draw to guests of all ages.

In order to gamble in a Casino, you will need to purchase a casino gambling ticket. Gambling is not illegal in Las Vegas; however, it is against the law to gamble for real money (with cash) in Las Vegas. Many cities around the world have laws that ban the operation of non-cash gambling. So, if you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas with the intention of playing a game of craps or roulette you should be prepared to obtain your own casino gambling ticket.

Just a few steps north of Las Vegas lies Rhode Island. Few visitors to Las Vegas ever make it to the state of Rhode Island, but this small island boasts some of the best preserved European style casinos. Travellers to Rhode Island can visit the numerous historic casinos that dot the countryside as well as the numerous modern casinos that pepper the downtown areas.

In the central part of Rhode Island you will find the largest population of casinos in the country. In fact, the capital city of Providence is home to eleven gaming facilities, as well as a number of smoky and jazz bars and restaurants. As you would expect, there is something for everyone in this beautiful southern city. The central part of the state is also home to the second largest number of casinos in the U.S. For more information on where and how to gamble you can consult the main article on Roulette Gambling.