The famous casino game of roulette isn’t nearly as popular as some of its more well-known counterparts such as poker or blackjack, despite the fact that it’s the easiest game to recognise. A part of this lack of popularity is down to the fact that there are a lot of misconceptions associated with roulette.

It’s not unusual to find a player that’s intimidated by roulette, feeling that it’s more complex bets might be a bit too overwhelming, or that it’s too easy to lose all your money in a single round. Let’s look at some of the more appealing aspects of roulette and why so many more players should consider giving it a try.

It’s Easy To Learn

Roulette is sometimes known as being a game that’s quite difficult to learn, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like most casino games, roulette boasts incredibly simple rules that are easy to grasp and to put into practise right away. This misconception is often created out of the fact that the roulette table is large with a lot of information to take in, but it’s only necessary to play a few rounds before a player will feel more comfortable with the game and playing it on a much more regular basis.

Range Of Bets

Another reason to play roulette is the huge range of bets that it has to offer. Bets can be simple and straightforward, such as choosing a colour or a number, or they can be much more complex, adding more risk but also much better rewards should the bet come out successful. In fact, the roulette table is where a lot of excitement can be found at any given time as players put together complex bets that offer the real chance of making it big.

Good For Beginner Players

The problem with games like poker is that there is inevitably someone that knows that they are doing, and who claims win after win, no matter how much a player tries to beat them. Experience and practise can make someone extremely good at poker, and it can be frustrating and expensive to play against someone like this.

Roulette, however, ensures that everyone is playing on equal footing, no matter how much experience they have in the game, or whether they are playing at the local casino or online at Grand Rush casino. This is because roulette is based completely on chance, and there are no special tricks or strategies that a player can utilise to get better chances than their competitors.

Better Odds

Even though it is a game of chance, roulette tends to have better odds than many casino games, and that includes most slots. In fact, it’s not uncommon for roulette to have some of the best odds in the house – a player can choose a bet that has the best odds of all the different wagers available and simply play it over and over. If they use a strategy like the Martingale or D’Alembert, their chances of winning increase even further. Now you know why it’s called the King of Casino Games!