If you’re not sure whether or not a betting app is right for you, here are some tips:

First, you’ll need to consider which operating system your phone runs. Android is by far the most popular, accounting for nearly 80% of the market in smartphones and tablets. In comparison, iOS holds only 15% of the market. Hence, all the leading betting companies have created betting apps for Android. However, most of these betting apps are not available in the Google Play Store. Fortunately, Google recently changed their terms of service to allow gambling apps on the store.

Next, make sure to check for the license of the betting app. A reliable betting app has an active license and a link to its terms and conditions. If an app does not have these things, it’s probably a scam. Also, read online reviews and avoid short and meaningless ones. The UK Gambling Commission website is a good source of information about gambling apps, and you can even find the license status on the website.