An at-home casino games room is an amazing way to both relax and have fun with family and friends. From poker and roulette, to slot machines and blackjack – your casino themed room provides endless entertainment.

Step one in creating your Casino themed room is choosing furniture. There are various sofas, armchairs and lazy bags that fit well with this theme; look out for sofas featuring card symbols or dice images as part of their design.


An unforgettable casino themed party doesn’t need to break the bank; in fact, you can easily create it right from your own home with some creative thinking and some key purchases.

Card games and gambling supplies should always be on hand, including a roulette wheel and craps table for entertainment. You should also consider investing in some blackjack and poker tables for gaming fun!

Dependent upon the size of your space, room dividers or stud walls may help divide up your casino room into multiple areas. This way you can have separate bar, games and lounge areas; adding appropriate decorations and furniture in each. Use complimentary colors like green and red as these are associated with casinos; however darker hues could potentially consume all available lighting in a room so make sure there is sufficient illumination!


Once the basics of your casino room have been created, such as gambling area and wall decor, it’s time to consider furniture. Although custom pieces might add authenticity, you should select pieces that will provide comfortable seating arrangements for guests and accommodate their needs.

If you plan on hosting poker nights, for instance, having the right tables and chairs are absolutely essential. Add in something extra such as this modern space from Erin Williamson Design that features a shuffleboard table to provide guests with something fun while saving space by double doubling up as decor when not in use. When choosing seating arrangements to match, bear in mind complementary colors – greens and reds tend to be associated with casinos; be creative when selecting other shades as well.


Preciosa can help create the ideal lighting scheme for any gaming room, with low-level illumination to recreate an authentic casino feel and bright lights to highlight slot machines and tables. Their color rendering expert will design an aesthetic tailored to the space so players can see cards and chips clearly and accurately.

An entertainment room can provide an entertaining and calming space for you and your friends to gather together in. Take it one step further with a casino-themed party and transform your house into the excitement and energy of Las Vegas where everyone wins big! Stylish decor and clever accessories can help create the ideal gaming environment. Throw pillows, wall art or custom neon signs can add a dash of casino glamour into any room or home!


Accessories are an integral component of creating a casino-inspired gaming space, from furniture that evokes casino aesthetics (dark leather and deep reds are ideal) to lighting options like LED lights in various colors for adding an opulent touch or neon signs for creating more contemporary vibes.

Decorations that accentuate your theme can add the perfect finishing touches, drawing guests deeper into it. For example, playing cards and stacks of poker chips could serve as table decorations at a themed poker night party; to up the class factor even further you could recreate roulette wheel-like action by placing circle-shaped coffee tables around a room for a classier affair.


When designing a casino-inspired home bar or game room, music plays an integral part in creating an unforgettable experience. From thrilling baccarat table designs like those found at Design & Details to soothing classical tunes – the right playlist can make all the difference for creating the ideal atmosphere.

Create an elegant casino ambience by decorating with furniture featuring deep reds and forest greens. For an opulent touch, add blacklight uplighting to your gaming room as well as blacklight uplighting to welcome sign that says, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.” For inspiration check out Peerspace which boasts custom blackjack table, retro arcade games, basement speakeasy plus much more! Your guests will feel transported right into high-stakes Vegas when visiting this stunning space!