Land-based casinos can be intimidating. Everyone in them looks like an expert and, if you’ve never tried a particular game before, this impression can put you off.

Online casinos offer a completely different experience. You can choose to play games in Demo mode, which means you don’t have to bet actual cash, but you won’t win any either. This is a great way to learn! When you’re ready, switching to the Real Money version of the game is easy and all your practice may see you banking some returns.

Some games are easier to learn than others, however, so start your Real Money Casino Game journey off by getting to know these.


You’ll need to predict which hand will end up with cards closest in value to 9 points, the Player or the Banker. Or you can bet on a Tie occurring. Baccarat is really that simple! Possibly why it’s James Bond’s favourite game.

Bear in mind that the Player and Banker hands have nothing to do with you or the house. This is just what they’re called. Neither you nor the casino you’re playing at has anything to do with them.


Your aim in a Blackjack game is to create a hand with a card total of 21 points without exceeding this. Resist the urge to be too cautious when you’re just learning how to play and be sure to study Basic Blackjack strategy. This chart tells you exactly what to do with whatever combination of cards you’re dealing with.


One of the most popular casino games of all time, Roulette has many bet options for players to choose from. It’s recommended that beginners stick to even money wagers to start off with, like Odd/Even and Red/Black. Although the payouts aren’t enormous with these bets, they do have the highest probability of winning.


One of the newest games in the casino lobby, slots have emerged as a player favourite in the hundred years or so since they were invented. You’ll need to line up different symbols to see a return when you play.

Regularly tested Random Number Generator software governs online games, ensuring that outcomes are 100% unpredictable. This means that there’s nothing you can do to affect the outcome, other than reading the Terms & Conditions section of the game carefully to make sure you’re in the running to win big.

Video Poker

If you know about Poker hand rankings, then you can jump into a Video Poker game immediately. If you don’t, committing them to memory is pretty easy.

Think of Video Poker as a combination of the best bits of the card game it’s named after and slots. The outcome can be determined by your skill level, but games are completed in just a few minutes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Starting with these straightforward casino games is possible if you sign up with Big Dollaron your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection. Play free games until you feel confident enough to start making real money bets and then put your new knowledge to work in securing returns!